Keystone State User Group Wednesday, April 19 Sessions

Printable Agenda

Room Grande I
Grande II
Grande III
Health & Food Service
Grande IV
Congressional Suite
Campus Administrators
Royale I
Royale II
Session 1
1:10 – 2:00
 Using the Interactive Master Builder and Scheduling Board  Web Purchasing & eCommerce  Food Service Roundtable  Registration Gateway – SRC  Student State Reporting Tips, Updates & Troubleshooting  Task Manager New Hire Processes  Payroll Processing & Verification Tips & Tricks
Session 2
2:10 – 3:00
 Future Scheduling Reports Analysis  Fixed Assets  Setting up Skyward and PrimeroEdge Imports  MyDistrict360 – Skyward presentation  District Presentation:  How to Setup Online Registration and Create Forms for Existing Students  How Finance and HR modules Interact  Payroll Tips & Tricks
Session 3
3:10 – 4:00
 Future Scheduling Using the Auto Scheduler  New Features Business  Health Roundtable  eFunds presentation  Gradebook Teacher Tracker Administration  Employee Management Roundtable  Advanced Payroll Options
Session 4
4:10 – 5:00
 New Features  Student  Finance Tips & Tricks  Health Records SHAARS  Tracking Student Data Changes  Employee Management Utilities  Payroll Roundtable
5:00 Meet & Greet in the Ballroom